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Agricultural Waste Collection & Recycling Services
Deliver your segregated waste to our recycling facility in Newent Gloucestershire for FREE. Just call us to register and book a time to ‘drop off’ your segregated waste plastics and dry card. The 2006 Waste Management Regulation The   2006   Waste   Management   Regulation   banned   the   burning   or   burying   of   farm   waste   and   farm   plastics.   With   this   now being   increasingly   enforced   it   is   important   for   all   farmers   to   look   at   ways   to   keep   their   farms   clear   of   waste   and   have   a legal duty to remove their agricultural waste either through a recycling facility or to a costly landfill. Rural Waste Recycling focuses on farms and other agricultural facilities in the Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. We offer a FREE drop off at our baling site in Newent Gloucestershire. Helping farmers comply with the 2006 Waste Management Regulations Preventing farms from burning or burying their waste farm plastics. RWR   offers   farmers   a   way   of   keeping   their   farms   clear   of   waste   and   complying   with   the   2006   legislation.   We   understand that   farms   are   busy   places   and   farmers   need   a   clear   easy   service   that   offers   flexibility   in   clearing   as   much   recyclable   waste as   possible.   By   recycling   rather   than   landfilling   agricultural   waste,   farmers   can   meet   their   environmental   responsibilities, help reduce their carbon footprint whilst reducing the increasing costs involved in keeping their farms clear. The   plastics   and   card   that   we   take   from   farmers   for   FREE   will   be   baled   and   transported   to   reprocessing   plants   both   here   in the UK & abroad. Rural Waste Recycling is a trading name of Redland International Recycling. Redland   International   Recycling   has   been   in   the   recycling   industry   for   the   past   15   years   as   a   paper,   card   and   plastic broker.   With   UK   and   international   connections   coupled   with   being   placed   in   the   heart   of   the   Cotswolds,   Rural   Waste Recycling was a natural and organic expansion to the existing company.